Thursday 10 October 2013

A Conversation on Twitter between, Emad and Fathy on Conscientious Objection how long has it been since you refused to obey compulsory military service in Egypt?

Emad: I was required to be present at the recruiting area on January 2012. I didn't and declared my refusal on April. Wow, over 1.5 years since you refused compulsory service. What has the response been from the Egyptian govt and others?

Emad: The Egyptian military and the government don't care, they didn't even bother to respond to my letters I sent them twice.

Fathy: they ignored us and never respond to the letters Are there restrictions on what you can do now?

Emad: I'm not allowed to make post-graduate studies, to work or to travel abroad. The military can arrest and capture me for 3 years! What demands do young refusers have of the Egypt govt & military?

Fathy: That is transfer me for the civil service do not follow the military in anything Is govt under el-Sisi more restrictive to you & other refusers?

Emad: The government under el-Sisi isn't different at all from the governments under Morsi or Tantawi. It's all the same regime. What's your main reason for saying #NoEgyptMilService?

Emad: Egypt's military service is a perfect example of modern slavery that the world chose to stay silent on.

Fathy: i do not believe in war or using weapons and violence is solution for making peace Is the #NoEgyptMilService message accepted in Egypt? Obviously government has come down hard on you, but is the message growing?

Emad: #NoEgyptMilService message is growing but slowly and totally accepted by whom it concern most: potential recruits What resources/actions can human rights groups & others contribute to the cause #NoEgyptMilService? What support do you need?

Emad: Human rights groups can sign a statement @NoMilService made demanding #Egypt to recognize conscientious objection & speak out!

Fathy: in Egypt we need the NGOs to be more legally cooperative What do you think of the American military assistance to Egypt?

Emad: It's a military assistance, not for helping liberties, however it was a promise from the US to Egypt after Camp David accords.
Egypt has and continues to violate the Camp David accords, yet Israel and the US never bothered to complain.

Fathy: I think its time to assist Egypt in the field of liberties instead What's next for you personally @EmadPax @Fathy ? Any optimism that your punishment will end for saying #NoEgyptMilService?

Emad: Everything is possible. I believe that things change when people start to think deeply and with compassion, to choose to change

Fathy: When people realize that violence and wars are a closed circle not producing real peace or tolerance, and when people ask for a civilian service Really great thoughts on dissent & military service in Egypt from @mo3bdo & @EmadPax. Follow @NoMilService & on FB:

Wednesday 2 October 2013

No to Compulsory Military Service Becomes Member of War Resisters' International

The council of War Resisters' International agreed to accept No to Compulsory Military Service movement as a full member of the organization, during the annual meeting for its council, last week. By that, No to Compulsory Military Service movement becomes the first Egyptian movement to obtain a membership for the organization.

War Resisters' International is considered the largest gathering worldwide for the pacifist and the anti-militarist organizations. It was established in 1921 after the end of the first world war, as a humanitarian reaction to the bloodshed in the war. The organization includes in its membership more than 80 local organizations in more than 40 countries around the world. It aims at abolishing wars, militarism and compulsory military recruitment.

The movement started its relation with War Resisters' International in 2010 when Maikel Nabil Sanad, the founder, declared his conscientious objection, the organization backed his right to conscientious objection to military service. Also, the organization currently backs the right of the conscientious objectors, Emad el Dafrawi and Mohamed Fathy, and is contributing in the international campaign demanding the Egyptian government to recognize the right to conscientious objection in Egypt.


Tuesday 1 October 2013

قبول عضوية حركة لا للتجنيد الإجبارى فى المنظمة الدولية لمناهضة الحروب

  • وافق مجلس المنظمة الدولية لمناهضة الحروب على قبول عضوية حركة لا للتجنيد الاجباري كعضو كامل العضوية بالمنظمة، و ذلك خلال الاجتماع السنوي للمجلس الأسبوع الماضي. و بهذا تكون حركة لا للتجنيد الإجباري اول حركة مصرية تحصل على عضوية المنظمة. تعتبر المنظمة الدولية لمناهضة الحروب اكبر تجمع عالمي للتنظيمات السلامية و المناهضة للعسكرية. تم إنشاؤها عام ١٩٢١ بعد نهاية الحرب العالمية الاولى كرد فعل إنساني على الدماء التي سالت في الحرب. المنظمة تضم في عضويتها اكثر من ٨٠ منظمة محلية في اكثر من ٤٠ دولة حول العالم، و تهدف للقضاء على الحروب و العسكرة و التجنيد الإجباري. بدأت علاقة الحركة بالمنظمة الدولية لمناهضة الحروب في عام ٢٠١٠ وقت الاعتراض الضميري لمايكل نبيل سند مؤسس الحركة، حيث دعمت المنظمة حق مايكل في الاعتراض الضميري على الخدمة العسكرية. كذلك تدعم المنظمة حاليا حق المعترضين الضميريين عماد الدفراوي و محمد فتحي و تساهم في الحملة الدولية لمطالبة الحكومة المصرية بالاعتراف بحق الاعتراض الضميري في مصر.