Sunday 12 April 2015

NoMilService General Assembly Meets in Cairo

NoMilService’s General Assembly has met in Cairo last Thursday 9th April 2015. The General Assembly meets annually at the anniversary of establishing the movement on the 9th of April each year. Active members in the movement submitted their annual reports detailing their efforts during the last year.

During the General Assembly, elections were held on the positions of the president and vice-president. The Egyptian conscientious objector Mark Nabil Sanad was elected president, and the active member Andrew Gerges was elected vice-president. 

The General Assembly confirmed its gratitude for the effort made by the former vice-president Ahmed Mohamed Hassan during leading the movement the last year. The General Assembly recognizes the amount of threats, attacks, and legal cases made against him because of his role in the movement.

Members of the movement discussed the general strategy for the next year, and made several decisions. One of these decision was to increase the regional role of the movement as a peace movement, standing against the several wars in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria and other countries. 

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