Sunday 2 August 2015

NoMilService Nominates Rudi Friedrich to FOR Peace Prize

Rudi Friedrich with NoMilService members in Berlin 2013 

NoMilService is happy to announce that it has nominated Rudi Friedrich, the director of Connection e.V., to Pfeffer Peace Prize, which is given by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). Friedrich has been a very supportive friend to our movement, and we honor his huge efforts for supporting peace activists all over the world.

Rudi Friedrich founded Connection e.V. in 1993 as a peace organization determined to empower peace activists around the world. Rudi, through Connection e.V., organizes speaking tours in Germany and invites peace activists from Turkey, Korea, Egypt and Israel to speak about conflicts in their countries. He helps exiled peace activists get recognized as refugees in Europe.

He is the editor of “KDV im Krieg”, a magazine dedicated to follow the news of conscientious objectors and peace activists around the world. Rudi also campaigns for the release of imprisoned peace activists, and for the recognition of conscientious objectors in their countries.

Connection e.V. was awarded with Peace Prize Aachen (1996), Siegmund-Schultze Support Prize (2001), and Martin-Niemöller-Stiftung Support Prize (2009).

Rudi Friedrich has been struggling for peace and reconciliation in Europe and around the world for more than 20 years. His efforts should be recognized and honored by the world.

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